Recommit to your creative writing.

So much more than a workshop. Writers in the Clear Focused Writers Workshop set aside their doubts, reconnect to their writing, and gain the tools they need to work through stumbling blocks and make writing an ongoing and rewarding part of life. You'll join a community of writers united around the same goal and have the guidance to come up with an idea and write a new piece. Here's what you can expect:

The Clear Focused Writers Workshop

You'll get step-by-step guidance to come up with a meaningful topic and write a new piece in just three weeks. They arrive by email, so you can fit writing into your day when it makes the most sense for you. As one participant said:

Tools to face the blank page

"A daily encouragement, like a daily devotional."

Freedom from your inner critic

When doubt pops up, you'll have a community to help you find perspective. You'll get to know other writers in a private Facebook group and learn first hand just how much of the creative process is shard. You're not alone! And when you're not alone, those doubts feel less convincing. As another participant said of the group experience:

"Support and encouragement to set aside self doubt and make writing an ongoing and rewarding habit in your life."

Give your writing a boost with the 7 day Writer's Pick-Me-Up

The workshop comes with a Writer's Toolbox with all kinds of resources to help you keep going, no matter what.  It includes a free audio of my most popular presentation, The Top 3 Mindsets that Keep Writers Stuck & Struggling, a selection of "Writing Warmups" for the days you need to ease into the writing process, and many other tools. These resources really boost your writing expertise:

The know-how to finish what you start

"I'm more confident that I can follow the steps given, 

on my own, and be more focused in my writing." 

This isn't one of those online programs where you're left to fend for yourself. In addition to the group, you'll have award winning writer and WritingStrides coach Alissa Johnson giving you personalized guidance along the way. She'll be active in the Facebook group, answering questions, sharing inspirational videos, and hosting office hours so you can interact with her live. She'll share her best tools for navigating the writing process in a way that feels fun and easy.

Personalized support

"I always get such great information from Alissa and reminders about how to be the best writer I can be."

"My writing has definitely changed as a result of this workshop because I have not only completed a short story but I am now motivated to finish my debut novel."

"This is a gentle workshop. It is designed to nudge you to a place of kindness for yourself and your writing."

"A terrific interactive online workshop with daily guidance and opportunities for one-on-one contact with the instructor."

"At the beginning of the workshop I was at a place in my writing where I was stuck. During the workshop I took a simple idea and developed it into a short story and completed the short story in a matter of three short weeks!! This workshop really works!"

"I was reminded and pulled back into the process of writing. :) No small feat."

More from past workshop participants:

October 31 through November 19, 2017

Only $87

If you've been feeling stuck or like you hit a wall... Like your commitment to your writing has been lagging... Or simply want to come up with new ideas... And have a regular, rewarding writing practice, join the Clear Focused Writers Workshop. 

You'll get back to your writing, feel more confident in what you create and have the accountability and guidance to write something new. 

Clear Focused Writers Workshop

A 21-Day Challenge to Write Something New

Current one-on-one client, a past participant, or a member of the Inspired Writers Studio at the Writer's Toolbox or Annual level? Email me ( 10% off. Be sure to email! It can't be applied after the fact.

Alissa Johnson is a nationally published and award winning writer whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Masters Review, Wilderness News, Aife Literary Magazine and Dirt Rag Magazine among other publications. She was associate editor at the Crested Butte News, and her writing has won awards from the Colorado Press Association and FundsforWriters. She holds an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) and has taught/made appearances at WCSU, Western State Colorado University, the Lighthouse Writers Workshop Lit Fest and the annual writing conference, Writing the Rockies.