Having a place to go when you want to write. 

A place that makes you feel creative. 

Where you work alongside other writers

to meet your writing goals.

A place where you and your writing belong.

Creativity. Accountability. Community.

Inspired Writers Studio

Welcome home.


An online writers' community.

Here to help you feel creative,

get in the flow & write. Come

on in & see what you'll find: 

A reason to return to your writing, and the nudge you need to get in the flow and stay there.


Your membership includes:

There's nothing like "talking shop" with the people who get it. You'll learn and grow together.



Even the best writers gets stuck. You'll have resources to find your next step and keep going. 


Let Alissa be your coach and writing partner. She'll provide personalized input along the way.

Plus, when you join the Studio, you'll receive a FREE bonus writing session.

The Keys to the Studio 

Get ready to find your best path through the creative process and experience a greater sense of confidence & accomplishment along the way. And of course, meet your incredible community of writing friends!

You'll have access to a members-only website, a private Facebook group, weekly writing prompts, and regular coaching—all designed to help you fit writing into your life. As a new member, you'll also be guided to set intentions so you have focus and direction for your writing. 

The Writers Lab

Sometimes, you just need a place to start. And that's what the Writers Lab gives you—a monthly guided writing session to get your pen to the page.

You'll flex your creative "muscles," have some fun, and explore your current projects. As Alissa likes to say, writing has a way of leading to more writing! These sessions will teach you how to get focused and get in the flow. 

Give your writing a boost with the 7 day Writer's Pick-Me-Up

When you feel stuck, worry that you're not doing things the "right way," or want to dig into the elements of your stories a little deeper, you can use The Writer's Toolbox to find the right tool for the job. 

It's a library of worksheets, guides and audio recordings designed to help you move through the writing process with more ease. When you wonder what to do next, you just might find your answer here!

The Writer's Toolbox

"The coaching, tools and networking have made writing a central focus in my life. Believing in my calling to be a writer has made it possible for me to write every day with hope and vision."

You'll be in good company in the Inspired Writers Studio:

"I've learned so much about getting 'unstuck.' And 'meeting' other writers has helped me realize that we're all in this together, can learn from one another and encourage each other."

"The biggest benefit is being around others and finding out I am not the only one who loves writing but at times struggles to make myself do it. That I don't have to write in order to be considered a 'real' writer."

"I have a sense of accomplishment in going through the process and my confidence in my writing has grown exponentially!"

Your Guide: Alissa Johnson

Like you, I love writing—it adds meaning and purpose to my life. There's nothing like being in the flow, the story unfolding and the words growing on the page.

And yet. There are days when it doesn't flow. When I question whether I'm approaching a project the right way. Or if the story is any good. 

Experience has taught me that this doubt is not the voice of reason. It's simply part of the process. But that doesn't make it easy to navigate. To stay on track, I rely on my writing partner and friends, as well as the tools I've created for clients over the years.

Support makes all the difference, which is why I created the Inspired Writers Studio.

It's a place where writers can come together and share both the struggles and joys of writing. A place to help you get in the flow and trust the writing process.

I handpicked the most successful parts of my online WritingStrides programs and brought them together under one "roof" so you can grow your writing. Join us!

"Alissa guided me to make writing an integral part of my life. She expertly facilitates group discussion to create a forum of continuous support and encouragement for new and experienced writers... But it is Alissa’s uplifting belief in her writers that opened my mind to believe in myself. I am a writer!" --Annie Swenson

Ready to join?

Monthly Membership: 

$37 per month

Your Inspired Writers Studio membership is jam-packed with more than $100 of value EVERY MONTH:

Studio Membership—$25 

Writers Salons discussions & lessons—$30 

Office Hours with Alissa—$15 

Writers Lab Session—$20 

Writer's Toolbox—$15 

And it's yours for ONLY $37 per month or $347 per year (a nearly $100 savings). When you register now, you'll receive FREE bonus Writers Lab session right away.

Annual Membership: 

$347 per year

What do you mean that the Writer's Toolbox is always changing? 

The Toolbox gives you immediate access to the tools that are already there: worksheets on creating believable characters, what it means to have a clear and focused writing process and many others. Over time, we'll rotate the selection of tools and add new ones to help you get to the page and tell good stories. Plus, you'll find a rotating selection recordings of the Writer's Lab writing sessions, so you can pop in anytime you need a nudge to get writing. It's like a DIY kit of resources that grows just as you do!


How do I join the Inspired Writers Studio? 
Just choose to join monthly or annually and you'll be redirected to a registration and payment page. Once you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email outlining what you can expect.  Your card will automatically be charged on an annual or monthly basis depending on the membership you select.

Do I need to be a certain kind of writer to join? 
All creative writers are welcome! Whether you want to figure out what to write, are delving into the world of short stories, want to write feature stories, or want to write and complete a book, you'll find yourself at home in the Inspired Writers Studio. 

You will find that the resources (particularly the Writers Lab and the Writer's Toolbox) are geared toward creative writing and storytelling, but I find that those are elements of all writing, from self-help to romance. And many of the tools are focused on how to show up at the page... something we can all use some help with now and again!

Can I cancel my membership? 
You may cancel your monthly membership anytime after three months. If you're selecting that annual membership, we suggest that you do so only if you're ready to commit to that full year. 

When will the Writers Lab virtual sessions be held? 
The great thing about the virtual writing sessions is that you don't have to attend live. I'll post a recording once a month, and the session will be live for 10 days so you can do it as your schedule allows. Why only 10 days? Well, let's be honest. So many of us are procrastinators at heart... The Studio is here to help you write, not put off writing! And don't forget, you'll always have access to a selection of labs in the Writer's Toolbox.

What kinds of writers will I meet in the studio? 
You can expect to meet writers a lot like you and me. They're working on (or want to be working on) feature stories, short stories, essays, memoirs, novels... whatever form of creative writing speaks to them. Or, they just love writing and want to figure out what they want to write over time. But they're also living their lives, whether that means raising their kids, managing their careers, figuring out what it means to be retired, or reinventing themselves after their kids leave the nest. They're here to feel inspired, get writing, and connect with other writers.

How do I know if the Studio is right for me? 
The Inspired Writers Studio is a great opportunity if you love to write, but sometimes get stuck or wish you had more support and confidence. The Studio is all about learning to trust your own creative process and having a community of fellow writers to grow and learn alongside.

Have more questions? 
Email or

Do I need a Facebook page to benefit from the Studio? 
Yes. We'll be using a private Facebook group to "meet up" with each other. If you need help setting up a page, just email us and we'll be glad to help.