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8 Simple Shifts to Transform Your Creative Writing

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Create a more fulfilling writing life and learn to make the progress you want to see in this transformational, free series. Eight simple shifts come straight to your inbox, with prompts to integrate them into your life. Get the first one today:

These shifts have helped me and my clients write and publish short stories, discover novel ideas and write those novels. Oh yeah!

A Simpler Writing Process

You love writing, but do you wish you did it more, felt better about what you're creating, or made more progress? There is a way to approach writing that feels good, makes it easier to get started and helps keep going.

These shifts have helped me and my clients achieve our goals and feel better about writing. When you're writing, life just feels better.

Writing Prompts

8 Simple Shifts


Each shift comes with a series of writing prompts to integrate these ideas into your own life. Real transformation for real results.

As a writing coach, I know that your confidence and your clarity about what you're trying to create ebb and flow. Some days, you're in the zone. Others, it feels like a struggle

I help writers work through the unknowns and the doubts so they can simplify the process and find the flow more easily. During the 8 Simple Shifts to Transform Your Writing, I'll share my best insights for easing the pressure, making the progress you want to see, and feeling good about writing.

--Alissa Johnson, WritingStrides

Feel better about your writing life and make the progress you want to see!

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